"The Most Epic" animation project.

I am working on rigging and modeling people, robots, and a building for the upcoming animation called "The Most Epic" (estimated animation length is 20 minutes). The summary of the story line goes like this: There are four people, which are some of the best mechanical engineers in the world, have each been seperately working on their own robot for some time that will go through a complicated mission inside a virtual reality program. They will get their robot scanned and rendered inside the program. The main character whose name is Karl, has a robot which looks just like an ordinary cube which no one has high hopes about. The four group members have came to know each other as part time friends, part time competitors.

The mission for the robots is to pass a double laned street full of moving cars, get inside a building and on the 23rd floor there is a combination lock with a given combination. Inside the locker there is a strange object that is hard to carry easily and is fragile. The robot has to carry the object back to the spawn location without harming the object. Once the robot touches the locker and/or the robot does any suspicious activity or movement that is unnatural to what a human would do, an alarm would be triggered which would cause the fake people in the simulation to evacuate and robots of all sorts to come after the robot intruder. Whichever of the four robots that make it through the simulation with the highest score(least damage done to the strange object, touching the locker, ect.) will be the winning robot.

Recent accomplishments


Abstract materials rendered in the house project.


Cool dubstep song made by Kdrew; Lost - youtube

Made in Lmms - get inspired

Another one of his; Bullseye - youtube

Not made in Lmms, but still cool