3D design

Models shown on this site were created using Blender , a free 3D design program.

  1. To view our 3D models click here.
  2. To view some designs of flying robots click here.
  3. To view our work on FRC robotics competition click here.

Computer Music

The following music was created using Lmms , also a free program that lets you make music.

Doowap | Artist name: Michael Smirnoff

This is a sample song that has yet to be completed. For more compositions, click here

Work in Progress

Log in to hear the unfinished music that we are currently working on. Because I am an amateure at song making, it is not my top priority. I am planning for an animation involving the RobArm 1.0. I also have a more heavy duty RobArm 2.0, soon to be displayed in the Projects menu. I would appreciate suggestions, questions, or advice you might have. Just send me a quick message under the Contact menu.

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